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On that note, we have a few site related announcements.

  • We are looking for another member (or two) to join our team as the role of a translator! For more information on this position, or to apply, please check out the translator application page.

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  • Another new and awesome feature is the My VK Room / Space section. The staff and especially Ernie, want to see what vk stuff you have in your room!
  • Ask Ernie is open for business. Our little friend is actively waiting for your questions about bands or artists, so he can see what he can dig up.
  • Another new feature to the site is Ask the Staff. All of our staff members have had experience going to lives or conventions, many have travelled to Japan, and a couple are living and working in Japan right now. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding seeing bands, travelling to, visiting, or working in Japan. So ask away!

  • We always appreciate readers sending us news! So don’t hesitate to contact us!

Last but not least, we’d like to thank everyone for continuing to support We have a lot of new ideas for improving the site, and will be adding some awesome new features, so keep checking back!

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Introducing: R’evolv


R’evolv is a new band that since the beginning of this month, have been performing ‘secret lives’. However, on April 3rd, they will officially start their activities!

They are a five member band:

Vocals - Xi
Guitar - Kazu
Guitar - 庵 (Iori)
Bass - トキ (Toki)
Drums - Runa

At the beginning of February, they also released a free demo called “Still…”.

On April 3rd they will be sponsoring an event to mark their official start, at Ikebukuro Black Hole. Other artists that have currently been announced are Decay, LucaRia and ReLigh. In March, three more bands will be added. Tickets to the show cost 3000 yen and go on sale starting March 3rd.

R’evolv also has lives scheduled on April 27th at Takadanobaba AREA, and May 2nd.

Currently, no other information is available on their OHP, but you can check it out at

Source: Visunavi

MoNoLith’s new single & tour


On May 2nd, MoNoLith will be releasing a new single!

Their new single is titled, “Aquarium”, and it’s coming out in an A and B type. The A type costs 1890 yen, and comes with both the single plus a DVD. The B type is 1575 yen, and is the CD only.

Further details will be available at a later date.

Also in May, the band will be having a country-wide event tour, called “6th ANNIVERSARY COUNT-DOWN TOUR 「XⅡ【DIE】fortune-tellers」” hitting twelve spots to celebrate their six year anniversary.

May 7th @ Aomori Quarter
May 8th @ Sendai darwin
May 10th @ Niigata GOLDEN PIGS – BLACK STAGE
May 11th @ Kanazawa AZ
May 13th @ Nagoya CLUB 3STAR IMAIKE
May 15th @ Osaka MUSE
May 17th @ Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
May 19th @ Takamatsu DIME
May 20th @ Okayama IMAGE
May 21st @ KYOTO MUSE
May 23rd @ Hamamatsu FORCE
May 25th @ Takadanobaba AREA

Last but not least, MoNoLith will perform a two month consecutive oneman show!

June 20th @ Sendai darwin – 6 Year Anniversary ONEMAN
July 27th @ Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO – Keita, Shuuhei, Takafumi, HAYATO BIRTHDAY PARTY ONEMAN

Source: Brand-x, OHP

Matenrou Opera’s “eyes of Justice Tour”


We reported late last month on Matenrou Opera’s first major album and in-store event schedule, but just recently the band announced the upcoming “eyes of Justice Tour” to commemorate the album’s release.
Dates are as follows:

April 14 (Sat) @ Yokohama BAYSIS
April 15 (Sun) @ Urawa Narciss
April 18 (Wed) @ Sendai MACANA
April 20 (Fri) @ Kanazawa vanvanV4
April 21 (Sat) @ Kyoto BUZZ
April 23 (Mon) @ Fukuoka DRUM SON
April 24 (Tue) @ Hiroshima Namiki Junction
April 26 (Thu) @ Osaka Shangri-La
April 27 (Fri) @ Nagoya ell.FITS ALL
May 4 (Fri) @ Akasaka BLITZ

Tickets will be on sale beginning March 24th.
Source: visunavi, OHP

jealkb’s Live House Tour


Back on the scene a handful of months after their last release, jealkb has announced a live house tour, 「異色薔薇ノ歌合戦」 (“Ishoku Bara no Utagassen”), to begin in March. A few of the tour dates will include guest acts, but otherwise this appears to be a one man tour.

March 3 @ Shinjuku BLAZE | Guest: ストライク (Strike)
March 17 @ Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS | Guest: 氣志團 (Kishidan)
April 5 @ Kanagawa SUNPHONIX HALL | Guest: OKAMOTO’S
April 28 @ Nagoya E.L.L. | Guest: TOTALFAT
April 30 @ Osaka AKASO | Guest: MUCC
May 3 @ Chiba LOOK
May 12 @ Saitama HEAVEN’S ROCK

Source: visunavi, OHP

New Venue, Ikebukuro EDGE, Opening in Tokyo, March 2012


Last week, we shared news that a new VK shop – a branch of Sendai-based little hearts – would be opening in Shinjuku.

This week, we’ve got news of a whole new venue opening its doors a mere four train stops away in Ikebukuro. Ikebukuro EDGE, as the venue is called, itself is only a few minutes walk from Ikebukuro station in what seems to be the basement of the Kimura Building (which, GoogleMaps suggests, is newly constructed).

Ikebukuro EDGE will be opening officially in early March, and two lives are already scheduled to introduce fans to the cozy, 250-person capacity venue owned by (or otherwise promoted by) XXX Records, already known for Takadanobaba AREA, a slightly larger livehouse that has been a cornerstone of the indie visual scene since 1997.

To commemorate the grand opening, two events are already fast selling-out, the earlier of the two a sort of indies-star-studded prelude leading into the grand opening: two back-to-back nights of AYABIE.

Just Before Opening  at EDGE Ikebukuro (Tokyo)
February 28, 2012 (TUE)
OPEN: 5:30pm | START: 6:00pm
¥3,500 (+¥500 drink fee)

Featuring R指定アンドSCREWDuelJewelMoranν[NEU]

Tickets through e-plus

EDGE Ikebukuro OPENING SPECIAL (two nights) (Tokyo)
March 1, 2012 (THU) and March 2, 2012 (FRI)

OPEN: 6:30pm | START 7:00pm
¥4,000 (+¥500 drink fee)


Tickets through e-plus

Source: Ikebukuro EDGE OHP, visunavi, e-plus

NicoNico Nama weekly overview


ニコニコ生 [nico nico nama] hosts many online live broadcasts every day. These are the shows featuring visual kei artists this week.

Name: ぶいおん!!! [V-on!!!]
Date: Monday, February 13th
Start: 20:00 (JST)
Guests: SCREW and ダウト [D=OUT]
Broadcast page:

Name: Mix Speaker’s,ニコ生 [Mix Speaker's,nico nama]
Date: Monday, February 13th
Start: 22:00 (JST)
Guests: Mix Speaker’s,Inc.
Broadcast page: here

Name: 月刊ゴールデンボンバー [gekkan GOLDEN BOMBER]
Date: Wednesday, February 15th
Start:  24:00 (JST)
Guests: コールデンボンバー [GOLDEN BOMBER]
Broadcast page: here

Date: Thursday, February 16th
Start: 20:00 (JST)
Guests: ViViD
Broadcast page: here

Name: 西川貴教のイエノミ!!  ~第十五夜~ [Nishikawa Takanori no ienomi!! ~ dai juugoya~]
Date: Saturday, February 18th
Start: 23:00 (JST)
Guests: T.M. Revolution and NIGHTMARE
Broadcast page: here

(Please note that you must have a Nico Nico account to watch the programs. You can register here.)

閃-hirameki-’s new member


閃-hirameki-, who restarted their activities as of December 26th, have announced that they have added a new member to their band!

The two member band now has a third; a female drummer named 静流 (Shizuru). She perfomed with them for the first time at their live on February 12th.

To check out Shizuru’s blog, visit

Source: Vsoku, Shizuru’s Blog, Jouei’s Blog, HIZ’s Blog

YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz album postponed


YELLOW FRIEND CHICKENz were supposed to release a new album on February 29th, however, it has been postponed to March 14th.

The album, which is titled, “YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz Ⅰ”, will be coming out in three types, all of which are available on CDJapan!

The album contains a total of eleven tracks, including “THE END OF THE DAY”, “ALL MY LOVE / YOU ARE THE REASON”, and 「また、ここで逢いましょッ」 (Mata, Koko de Aimasho).

YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz ⅠType A [CD + DVD] – 3,990 yen
CD Tracklist
・ Mata, Koko de Aimasho
・ + 8 more tracks
DVD Tracklist
・ Mata, Koko de Aimasho Music Clip

YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz ⅠType B [CD + DVD] – 3,990 yen
CD Tracklist
・ Mata, Koko de Aimasho
・ + 8 more tracks
DVD Tracklist
・ 「妄想ボーイズ 覇呂淫♥version」 (Mousou Boys Haroin ♥version)
・ Footage from October 30th, 2011 Zepp Nagoya where the member’s changed parts and performed 「妄想ガール」 (Mousou Girl)

YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz ⅠType B [CD only] – 3,150 yen
CD Tracklist
・ Mata, Koko de Aimasho
・ + 8 more tracks

The band will also be releasing two new live DVDs, both of which have yet to be titled. The DVDs are coming out on March 21st for 6,000 yen each.

YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz Title TBA – Japan Tour Final
Live DVD featuring the final day of the band’s “WORLD TOUR SHOW YOUR SOUL I”, which took place at Makuhari Messe.

Live DVD featuring footage from the band’s concert held in Berlin, Germany on August 2rd, 2011.

Source: CDJapan, OHP

My VK Room / Space – # 1

my-vk-room-space-1 is always wanting to bring fans together by creating a space to interact and to enjoy visual kei together! Well, the Big Ern is here today bringing you another special feature that we’ve added to the site!

My VK Room / Space

In this feature, we want you to send us a photo and a description of the visual kei that you have deocrating your room, or special space! Pimp your room out to me!

To get the ball rolling, our very own staff member, amenitygain, has graciously shared the visual kei section of her room with us. I’d show you mine, but it’s much too much too personal.

Hi, my name is Amenity Gain. I have been a visual kei fan for ten years. My first bands were Miyavi, Dir en Grey, and X-Japan. My favorite band is D. I’m 23 years old, and I live in the Seattle area, in the United States. I enjoy the simple things in life, work two jobs, and enjoy cosplaying, and singing. Jrock has been a big part of my life for such a long time. I honestly can’t imagine my life without it. It’s been a long road, with lots of heartbreak, but at the same time, lots of happy moments. Visual kei is something that I don’t think I will ever stop loving.

Photos will enlarge.

What band or bands are featured in your room?
The band featured in my room is D. I will probably be adding my other jrock magazines onto the other parts of my wall, but right now, I only have D.

What visual kei item in your room is your favorite?
It’s really hard to pick just one item as my favorite. I love all of my items, but if I absolutely had to pick one, I would probably pick my signed birthday card.

Anything special in your room?
I have a signed birthday card by D. Ruiza wrote “Happy Birthday” on it, and Hide-Zou wrote my name on it. This was given to me by a friend of mine, and I had no idea that she was going to do it. I also have my ticket from D’s Major Debut Concert, which is special to me because it was the first time I saw them in concert, and it was in Japan. The ticket is from 2008, but I couldn’t bare to throw it away. It’s too precious! I also have a Die autograph from the first time I saw Dir en grey, back in 2007, at WaMu theatre in Seattle. It’s really special to me, because it was the first time meeting a jrocker, and it was also the first time going to a rock concert.

Anything else you’d like to add?
I just, really like D, hahaha. This was collected over the years, and I love my collection. I also have a guitar pick that Ruiza threw at me at Akon of last year, which is not pictured, but it is in my room. I have my bookshelf pictured, which has anime as well on it, but I figured it would be too difficult to crop those out, so I just took a picture of the entire thing. My cd+dvd collection includes more than just D. I have bands like Versailles, Gilltia, Pan-d- ra, Hizaki Grace Project, Klaha, and many others. I also have my magazine collection, consisting of many issues of Cure, Fool’s Mate, and Shoxx. A few photobooks, vinyl syndicates, and mad tea party magazines are also present on my bookshelf.

Pretty sweet, right? Thanks amenitygain for sharing your room with us!

I want to see your room, so head over to the My VK Room / Space contact form, and send it to me now!

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Plastic Tree’s Jyomyaku PV – Second edition


Plastic Tree, who in December changed labels to Victor FlyingStar Records, and will be celebrating their 15th year anniversary since their major debut this month, are having a few special events that might interest fans!

As we talked about back in January, Plastic Tree will be releasing their new single, 「静脈」 (Jyomyaku), on February 29th.

A few days ago, we talked about the Jyomyaku PV that was released on YouTube.

On the 10th, the band released a clip of the second PV that they created for the same song, 「静脈」 (Jyomyaku), which instead of the members features an animation directed by 小嶋貴之 (Kojima Takayuki), who has in the past also worked with MUCC.

The members of Plastic Tree fell in love with the character from the animation, and have therefore decided to turn to their fans to find a name for it. Fans have until noon on February 13th (Japan time) to submit their suggestions to the band via Twitter. They will decide, and then share their decision at midnight on February 14th.

The character already has a Twitter account set up, but with a temporary name. If you want to submit your name suggest, follow, and send your name to @VIZB-22. The character currently only has two Tweets; one saying ‘Good evening’, and a second telling people he has no name, and to send them in.

Accompanying the release of the single is a country-wide spring tour. Dates and venues are as follows:

March 17th @ Nagoya Didmond Hall
March 17th @ Kanazawa EIGHT HALL
March 20th @ Kyoto FAN-J
March 24th @ Okayama CRAZYMAMA KINGDOM
March 25th @ Takamatsu DIME
March 27th @ Osaka BIG CAT
March 28th @ Osaka BIG CAT
March 31st @ Kumamoto DRUM Be-9 V-1
April 1st @ Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS
April 4th @ Sapporo Penny Lane 24
April 6th @ Sendai Rensa
April 7th @ Niigata LOTS

All shows cost 4800 yen, and general ticket sales begin February 18th.

Plastic Tree Budokan “Tent 3″
April 14th @ Nippon Budokan

Tickets for this show are 6500 yen, and go on sale March 10th.

The band will also be having four special events, in Kawasaki, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Osaka.

February 29th @ Lazona Kawasaki Plaza Hall
March 1st @ Nagoya Asunaru Kanayama
March 2nd @ Fukuoka Canal City Hakata B1 Sun Plaza Stage
March 3rd @ Osaka Abe no Market Park Q’s Mall 3F Sky Court

If you haven’t ordered the single yet, make sure you do! CDJapan has all versions available for pre-ordering.

「静脈」 (Jyomyaku) Regular Edition A (CD) – 1200 yen
1. 静脈 (Jyomyaku)
2. 鳴り響く、鐘[Rebuild] (Nari Hibiku, Kane-rebuild)
3. 静脈 (Instrumental)

「静脈」 Regular Edition B (CD) – 1200 yen
1. 静脈 (Jyomyaku)
2. 痛い青 [Rebuild] (Itai Ao-rebuild)
3. 静脈 (Instrumental)

「静脈」 Limited Edition A (CD+DVD) – 1800 yen
1. 静脈 (Jyomyaku)
2. 静脈 (12/9/11 Premiere Edition in Taiwan)
3. 静脈 (Instrumental)
+ 「静脈」Music Video (Type A)
+Deluxe Bonus Feature (Type A)

「静脈」 Limited Edition B (CD+DVD) – 1800 yen
1. 静脈 (Jyomyaku)
2. 静脈 (12/9/11 Premiere Edition in Taiwan)
3. 静脈 (Instrumental)
+ 「静脈」Music Video (Type B)
+ Deluxe Bonus Feature (Type B)

Don’t forget to submit your name! Just send a Tweet to @VIZB-22!


ex-Layla member’s new band; nil admirari


nil admirari is a new band that officially started their activities on January 14th, when they played at Takadanobaba AREA.

They’re a four member band:
Vocals – Fumi [ex-Layla, ex-Harut&Marut]
Guitar – ユウタ (Yuuta)
Bass – YuK [ex-Layla, ex-ROSALIA Support, ex-appui, ex-Kakuteru♪note]
Drums – 那捺 (Nao)

nil admirari released their first demo CD on January 14th, called “Stay Gold”, which was limited to 200 copies. Samples of the two tracks, “Stay Gold” and “Never Ever”, are available on their website, so check them out!

If you’re interested in seeing them live, the band’s current schedule is as follows.

February 19th @ Ikebukuro BlackHole
March 3rd @ Harajuku Astro Hall
March 7th @ Ikebukuro EDGE
April 22nd @ Takadanobaba AREA
April 29th @ Takadanobaba AREA

Source: Visunavi, OHP

GACKT & Dragon Age – Blood Mage no Seisen


GACKT will be releasing a new single titled, “UNTIL THE LAST DAY” on February 22nd!

The single has been used as the theme song for the CG anime movie, 「ドラゴンエイジ-ブラッドメイジの聖戦-」 (Dragon Age – Blood Mage no Seisen). The movie is based on the popular RPG game, “Dragon Age : Origins”, which has sold over six million copies world-wide. It will be directed by Fumihiko Sori, who is known in Hollywood for films such as “Tomorrow’s Joe” and “Ping Pong”. Kuriyama Chiaki, Tanihara Shousuke and GACKT will performing as voice actors in the film.

“UNTIL THE LAST DAY” incorporates the philosphy featured in the movie, and is a number that’s filled with strength. The trailer that will be featured in movie theatres, which also features part of the song, has been uploaded on the official site.

The single is coming out in two types, and both are available for pre-ordering on CDJapan. If you order from CDJapan, you also receive a bonus as an added bonus.

UNTIL THE LAST DAY [CD + DVD] – 1,890 yen

UNTIL THE LASY DAY [CD only] – 1,260 yen

Source:, CDJapan

Introducing Xepher


Xepher is a new band that is starting its activities in April!

Their line-up consists of:

Vocal – 爛 (ran)
Guitar – 艶 (yoshi)
Guitar – 朔羽 (sakuha) [ex-ZEAK]
Bass – 陽菜 (hina)
Drums – 截 (setsu) [ex-ZEAK]

Their official mobile site doesn’t have much information available yet, but their first live is scheduled for April 14th at HOLIDAY OSAKA. Tickets are 2500 yen and go on sale on March 4th. Other bands performing at the live are advance by 666, BIOSPHIA, REEPER and more.

Source: OHP, vkdb




On February 14th, 9GOATS BLACK OUT will be releasing their newest single, as we talked about back here.

Well, the PV for the track, ‘any’, has been posted on the band’s official YouTube as of yesterday!
Watch it, and tell us what you think!

If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, it’s still available on CDJapan, but they are only a few copies still left.

Karte [Limited Release] – 1,260 yen
1. Table of the Mortal Sins
2. any
3. nude

If you order from 9GOATS BLACK OUT’s official shop (via their OHP), you can purchase a special edition of the single for 2,100 yen that contains two extra tracks, plus a DVD of the ‘any’ PV. The two extra tracks are remixes of “Melancholy and the loneliness” and “Wish you”.

Source: Pink Blood, OHP

Weekly Discussion Question — Round 3!


Hi there lovely readers! It’s that time of the week again. Yup, you bet, it’s time for our Discussion Question of the week! Here it is:

What is your favorite song in terms of lyrics? And what line/phrase do you like the most from that song?

And as always, just a few housekeeping rules to keep in mind:
・ Be respectful of others’ opinions. You don’t have to agree, and you’re welcome to say you don’t, but don’t be a jerk.
・ Come back every Friday to answer the new question!
・ Share the question of the week with your friends. The more the merrier!

And if you have a discussion question you want to see, send it here!

Oh!! And another thing! I know you guys hear from me on random facts and weekly discussions, but if you can’t get enough of me, you can follow and catch me pimpin’ out on twitter.

SAINTIA’s new release


セインティア (SAINTIA) will be releasing their third single, which includes their first PV release, this March!

The single is called, “Absolute Literacy”, and it will be out on March 7th for 1,680 yen. It comes with a two track single, plus a DVD.

01. Absolute Literacy
02. starry will
01. Absolute Literacy PV

On the same day of the release, they’ll be holding an event for the release at Takadanobaba AREA called 『Absolute Literacy~流聖の調べ~』 (~Ryuusei no Shirabe~).

About a week ago, the band uploaded a comment video to their YouTube, wishing fans a Happy New Year, and talking about their resolutions for the coming year. There’s also a bit of promotion for the upcoming single.

They have also uploaded vidoes recently from individual members, so check out their YouTube channel if you’re interested!

Source: Cross Cat, OHP

emmuree’s best album and tour


emmuree have announced that they will be releasing a best album, and accompanying the best album will be a release tour!

The best album, called 『e´【acute】』, will come out on April 11th for 2625 yen. It will contain a total of fifteen tracks, including 「祈り」 (Inori), 「葬列とxxx」 (Souretsu to xxx) and Gray Note Freak Show.

The album is currently available on CDJapan for pre-ordering.

Their tour, which is also called 『e´【acute】』 kicks off on March 24th, where the album will be available for pre-sale.

March 24th @ Takasaki club FLEEZ [oneman show]
April 20th @ Niigata GOLDEN PIGS BLACK STAGE
April 21st @ Sendai HOOK
April 29th @ Kanazawa AZ
April 30th @ Nagano CLUB JUNK BOX
May 11th @ Hiroshima NAMIKI JUNCTION
May 12th @ Fukuoka DRUM SON
May 14th @ Osaka RUIDO
May 15th @ Nagoya ell.SIZE
June 17th @ Shibuya O-WEST [Tour Final; oneman show]

Source: Vsoku, OHP

GravityZEЯO loses Yuuji and goes on pause


GravityZEЯO have announced that after their performance on March 2nd, not only will their vocalist, Yuuji, be leaving the band, but they will also be going on an activity pause.

The following announcement was posted on their OHP.

GravityZEЯO Activity Pause

Formed in 2010.

GravityZEЯO, which began live activities on September 9th, 2010, have decided to go on an activity pause, due to their vocalist, Yuuji, leaving the banda after their performance on March 2nd.

Essentially, we’ve had our first sponsored live, and as a band, so that we can move forward and once again stand on stage as one, we need to realign our paths, and in reality, this [March 2nd] will be our final live with the five of us.

We ask for your understanding, while the five of us take the liberty to progress down different paths.

To the GravityZEЯO that is going on activity pause, and to our vocalist Yuuji who is leaving the band, we hope that you will continue to support us.

Source: Vsoku, OHP

! Note: This website is showing OLD content and is not up to date!